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News & Events

UCW's Winter Appeal Pop Up Window
UnitingCare West has revealed a shop window in Forrest Chase, across from the Perth train station overpass, which draws attention to the growing number of homeless women in Perth.


UnitingCare West Celebrates Christmas in July
The second UnitingCare West Christmas in July dinner dance gala will take place on Friday 22 July at the Government House ballroom, to raise much needed funds in support of those most in need in the WA community.


UCW Celebrates NAIDOC 2016
UnitingCare West is a progressive organisation committed to working with Indigenous Australians to improve their health and wellbeing and increase awareness in the wider community of their status.


UnitingCare West launches its 2016 Winter Appeal – highlighting the alarming number of homeless women in WA
On Tuesday 7 June, UnitingCare West launched its 2016 Winter Appeal, with the aim of raising $100,000 to help reduce the number of women who are homeless across WA.

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