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Out of Home Care for Children

Children and young people may be unable to live with their families in some home situations because they do not receive the protection and support they deserve.

UnitingCare West’s out-of-home care services provide alternative accommodation for children in this situation, in a stable and caring home environment.

Our services seek to improve the quality of care received by these children in ways that improve their developmental outcomes.  Ultimately, through these services, our goal is to provide these young individuals with the same opportunities as other children and youngsters.   

In most cases children and young people placed within our services are on a care and protection order.

  • Family Group Homes

    The Family Group Homes program provide therapeutic care for children and young people which seeks to help them recover from the trauma caused to them by experiences of abuse and neglect.

  • Futures - Foster Care

    UnitingCare West has a long history of providing Out of Home Care for children and young people. Our Futures Foster Care service provides long term disability and therapeutic foster care options for children and young people with often significant trauma and abuse histories, developmental, physical and/or medical care needs.