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True Colours

Young people have a lot going on already, but those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex are more likely to experience discrimination and mental health issues, particularly in rural areas. True Colours directly supports young LGBTI people in the South West, and also works with schools and the broader community to raise awareness and break down the barriers to safe and inclusive communities.

True Colours receives no government funding. Get in touch if you can support us or help us expand the reach of our work. 


Safe Spaces


5:30pm on Tuesdays (weekly)

55 Forrest Road



5:30pm on Wednesdays (fortnightly)

1 Chisham Avenue



  • Finalist in the Mental Health Good Outcomes Awards 2014
  • Finalist in the Community and Support Tribute Awards 2015
  • Commendation in the Mental Health Services Awards 2015