UnitingCare West is committed to providing a nurturing environment where all children feel safe, valued and heard.

All children who are involved in any of UnitingCare West’s activities, services, events or programs have a right to feel and be safe. We will do everything in our power to safeguard children from all forms of abuse. You can read UCW's Commitment to Child Safety here.

In order to create and maintain a child safe culture, UnitingCare West has adopted the Uniting Church in Australia’s National Child Safe Policy Framework. We are committed to these Child Safe Elements:

  1. Promote strong leadership and governance and a culture of child safety
  2. Enable children and families to participate in decision-making
  3. Provide an open environment
  4. Respect diversity and promote equity
  5. Have clear codes of conduct
  6. Adopt clear evidence-based policies and procedures
  7. Recruit well
  8. Provide child safe focused orientation and training
  9. Undertake strong planning and supervision
  10. Provide support to those who raise concerns
  11. Comprehensive investigation and reporting
  12. Keep good records
  13. Review and continuously improve our child safe policies and procedures

For more information on each of the Child Safe Elements, please refer to the National Child Safe Policy Framework.