UnitingCare West is a community services agency of the Uniting Church that touches the lives of thousands of families and individuals each year.

We believe communities thrive when everyone has a sense of belonging, hope and purpose.

Our Vision

Justice, hope and opportunity for all.

Our Purpose

Supporting communities to thrive so that everyone can enjoy a life of belonging, hope and purpose.

Our Values

At UnitingCare West we will act with:

  • Empathy  Showing understanding for the feelings and circumstances of others
  • Respect  Valuing people, property and the environment
  • Inclusiveness  Embracing and celebrating diversity
  • Integrity  Working ethically, nurturing trust and upholding our principles in everything we do
  • Commitment  Working together towards agreed outcomes with steadfastness and resilience

Our actions will show:

  • Boldness  We will bravely stand up for what is right and tackle hard to resolve problems. 
  • Curiosity  We actively pursue new information and evidence based approaches to influence how we work and interact with one another
  • Hospitality  We approach all interactions with the people we serve with a strong customer focus and a ‘how can we help?’ attitude
  • Creativity  We will look for new and innovative ways to enhance how we work and the service we provide

Our Value Proposition

At UnitingCare West:

  • We walk with people experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage
  • We listen intently, care deeply, and respond to individual and community need
  • We amplify the voices of people who would not otherwise be heard
  • We provide innovative service responses tailored to individual needs, service gaps, and the priorities of communities and government
  • We work in partnership with other organisations and communities to leverage resources and maximise our collective impact
  • We help people move from isolation to connection and contribution

UnitingCare West is part of the UnitingCare national network of more than 400 Uniting Church agencies providing community services to over 1.8 million Australians each year.

Read more about our history here.