Start a life changing journey and volunteer with UnitingCare West

Volunteers are at the heart of our work and make a real impact on the community.

Join us and make a difference in your community!

Volunteers at UnitingCare West are enthusiastic and willing workers committed to making incredible projects take flight in order to meet as many needs as possible in the local community. They forge connections, build valuable relationships and provide the skills we need to support our communities.

Our volunteers are part of a larger picture with a larger purpose which is to make changes and create opportunities. 

Volunteering today for jobs of tomorrow

Getting involved in regular activities through volunteering or taking on an internship is a great way to improve your employment prospects.

Potential employers look more favourably on applicants with volunteer experience as they know that volunteering requires commitment, motivation and energy. Volunteering often involves the kind of environments where initiative, leadership and a can-do attitude are critical. Volunteering of any kind develops:

  • your capacity to communicate with people
  • your ability to identify problems and find solutions
  • your ability to handle pressure
  • your ability to work independently and/or as part of a team
  • your capacity to prioritise

Our volunteers are vital to our ongoing success so take the opportunity to get involved and be part of something big.

Contact our Volunteer Engagement Officer Elaine today on (08) 9355 9022 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out what opportunities are available for you.