UnitingCare West is committed to supporting and empowering people in our community, offering a broad suite of services to assist individuals who are experiencing adversity in their lives.

Community Connections

Our programs support people who are socially isolated to grow their networks and become better connected within the community. The aim is to empower people to form genuine friendships and participate in community activities independently and without support.

Mental Health Support

Our holistic mental health services take into account of all your life issues, with the aim to support you along every stage of the journey to recovery. We focus on strength and recovery, demonstrating that people experiencing mental illness can lead highly fulfilling lives.

Disability Support 

Our support programs for people living with disability are tailored to meet your individual needs. Our teams will walk alongside you and the people you trust to help access the services you need to enjoy a better life. 

Re-entry Support 

Often when prisoners are released back into the community, they face a range of difficulties, particularly after a long term of incarceration. Our re-entry program helps former prisoners, including those with disability, to successfully reintegrate into the community.


Our community housing initiatives are driven by our commitment to help communities thrive so that everyone can enjoy a life of belonging, hope and purpose. This includes people with disability, those experiencing mental illness, prisoners returning to the community and women escaping family and domestic violence.


If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, or at risk of being without a place to call home, we have a range of support services that can assist. Our teams work with individuals and families to better connect with community and access affordable housing options.