Intensive Family Services

On 31 May 2018, it was publicly announced by Department of Communities that UnitingCare West was awarded three Intensive Family Support programs in Fremantle, Rockingham and Peel.

What is Intensive Family Services?

Intensive Family Services (IFS) focus on parenting and family functioning with the aim of bringing about nurturing and safe environments for children. IFS offers support around family preservation and reunification.

IFS can offer assistance and expertise in many areas, including practical parenting skills, child development, building relationships within a family, home management and advocacy.

Intensive Family Services will assist families to:

  • Improve parenting skills so that they can safely care for their children at home.
  • Address issues that impact negatively on their children.
  • Improve and develop culturally safe support networks.
  • Build upon their family routines. 


Who is Intensive Family Services for?

This service is for families who are currently working with the Department of Communities - Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS). 


How do I get involved?

UnitingCare West is unable to take IFS referrals directly. Referrals must come to us via the Department of Communities - Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS).

UnitingCare West provides this service within the CPFS districts of Fremantle, Rockingham and Peel.

For referral or to find out about coverage in other areas, please contact your local CPFS office.

How do I get in touch?

If you are a parent and are seeking a referral please contact your local CPFS office.

If you are CPFS representative call our South West Metro Service Hub on (08) 9239 0900