Our teams make a difference every day. We provide people and communities with the support and guidance they need to grow and learn.

We offer our staff and volunteers a range of exciting opportunities to learn and advance their careers through temporary, ongoing, volunteer and interim job opportunities.

Read below to hear from some of our team members about what sets us apart as an employer of choice in the community services sector. 


Trainee Youth Worker | Specialist Re-entry Services

Working with UnitingCare West while doing my traineeship with AFL Sports Ready gave me the opportunity to pursue a career that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.


Support Worker | My Home and Community Options

“In my role as a Support Worker I work to provide residents with support and encouragement so that they can live in their own accommodation whilst building on their existing skills and improving on areas they want to work on.

Throughout my traineeship I have been given the chance to work and study at the same time which gave me the opportunity to use the skills I was learning in the role every day. I have received training that I will be able to input into my future endeavours. UnitingCare West has been incredibly supportive throughout my traineeship and has offered extra training and opportunities to further my skills. 

UnitingCare West has shown me the benefits of hard work and commitment; while being able to work in friendly supportive environment. 

I was extremely lucky to gain employment with UnitingCare West at the end of my traineeship. I hope to continue working at UnitingCare West and improving my skills whilst doing a job that I love". 

I also provide one on one social support through Community Options, where I assist my client to live a healthy life and be an active part of the community by attending different events, setting and working on personal goals, completing regular exercise and working on their interpersonal skills.

I love what I do because I can see the impact I am making on these people’s lives and also see my role as a great way to reduce the public’s misperception regarding people with disabilities. My inspiration for doing this work came from my own life experience and choices and a desire to make a difference in the world. I see my role as a privilege and the clients as an integral part of my continuous improvement of being the best human being I can possibly be.

I think the most special thing about working for UCW is the mindset of all staff from management down who genuinely work to achieve the best outcomes possible for the clients of our service and the dedication to upholding the organisations values; it is a positive, caring and supportive environment for clients, families and staff!”


Asset Support Officer | Corporate Services 

“I am currently an Asset Support Officer for Uniting Care West and work under the banner of Facilities and Fleet in Corporate Services where as a team we look after all compliance, maintenance and future growth projects relating to buildings and vehicles across the whole organisation.


Senior Case Worker | Intensive Family Services

“I have worked with Intensive Family Support for 7 years, initially as a Family Care Worker and more recently a Senior Case Worker. My role is to work with children and families in their homes to build on existing relationships.

This role affords me the luxury of being able to assist our front line staff with the structure and support to help those most in need in our community; our clients in turn can feel like they belong and thrive. Being able to give back to the people around us and also the opportunity for others to gain inclusion into society is something I am very proud of.

Before moving into the corporate office I have been very lucky to work on the front line with Community Options group as a Community Support Worker where I have been working with individuals with special abilities. I still work there two days per week. Both of these roles showcase that there is a great personal and professional growth potential within this UCW.

Working with UCW has been and still is an amazing gift as the people I work alongside are professional, kind, caring and helpful beyond belief”

We also work to reunify children who have been living in out of home care, back to their families, if it is safe enough.

I love the flexibility in the work that allows us to work creatively with families to achieve the best outcome for the children.

I feel very privileged to be in a position where I can appreciate the challenges and trauma parents have experienced that may have left them struggling to keep their children safe.

Working therapeutically with families and supporting parents on their journey of change is a rewarding experience and I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.

I feel valued within my team and supported to continue to grow and develop within the organisation. As a not of profit organisation, UnitingCare West works to enrich and assist the community based on need rather than $$ and that is what makes UnitingCare West special to me.”


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