To welcome, celebrate and cleanse the site ready for our relocation to UCW’s Inner City Office at the beginning of the week, a Smoking Ceremony was held by Mitchell Garlett.  

Mitchell shared about the healing and medicinal benefits of the red gum leaves and welcomed all to country before inviting us to come and walk through the red gum leaves smoke.


“The smoking ceremony is a traditional Noongar ritual used to not only cleanse and purify a specific area but it cleanses the spirit, body and soul whilst you are on Noongar Country. It also helps to ward off warra wirrin – bad spirits and to bring in the blessings of the kwop wirrin – good spirits... This ritual of purification and unity signifies the beginning of something new.” Kaartdijin Noongar – Noongar Knowledge.

The first phase of our relocation from Victoria Park to our Inner City office in Aberdeen Street is now complete and staff are enjoying working with a new mix of staff from across the organisation.

Thank you Mitchell Garlett for leading us in the ceremony.