Sometimes a simple list of accomplishments is a reminder to all of us about the milestones we achieve in life, but often take for granted.

Thank you to our South West Metro team for sharing this beautiful story. 

UnitingCare West is committed to supporting and empowering people in our community, offering a broad suite of services to assist WA families experiencing adversity.

At the heart of our services is the belief that all children have the right to be safe and all families have underlying strengths and resources that can be built upon to improve quality of life.

The End Homelessness in WA strategy was officially launched last Friday, 13 April, with supporters coming together at The Platform in Perth City to learn more about this ambitious 10 year journey towards ending homelessness in this state, not just managing it. #EndHomelessnessWA - It's just the beginning...

UCW's Facilities Manager Steve Summerhayes and the team from Be My Koorda Aboriginal Support Group (be my friend) came together yesterday for a photo shoot with the Community Newspaper Group to mark the handover of the UCW bus. UCW has a close relationship with the program, which supports Aboriginal children living with autism and their parents.

Happy Harmony Day 2018!

Team UCW is a culturally diverse bunch, so we celebrated the day across our different offices by sharing stories and food from the many parts of the world we come from.

On Thursday 29 March 2018 UCW hosted a panel discussion on Closing the Gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, with a focus on 'justice'.

Justice is not one of the ‘targets’ that the government looks at in the Close the Gap campaign but there is a huge gap in the justice system between representation of Aboriginal and not-Aboriginal people and this impacts on every one of the Close the Gap targets!