Transform Tranby... Transform Lives!

Almost 9,000 people experience homelessness in WA on any given night.

Tranby Centre supports over 200 of these vulnerable people every day our doors are open.

As a caring community and generous society there is NO level of homelessness that we should accept.

This is your chance to join us in the mission to end homelessness.

UCW is embarking on a year long project to transform the Tranby Centre into a multi-purpose engagement hub to better connect people experiencing homelessness with the support they need to lead a better life - a life where they can participate as valued, contributing citizens of our community.

We need your donation right now to help us change lives. Every single cent you give will go to the Transform Tranby campaign to help end homelessness in WA. Do you want to make a difference? Donate now

UCW will be placing a renewed focus on giving people a hand up, as opposed to simply a hand out. Importantly, we will be collaborating with the experts - people who have lived experience of homelessness - to ensure we get this right. The first step will be creating a place where people feel they belong and are accepted. Where they will receive an individualised service, taking them beyond the surface level ‘cornflakes and hot shower’ phase towards real life changing opportunities.

By transforming the environement of Tranby and the way it functions, it will encourage more meaningful engagement and provide access to an increased range of services.

Your support of the ‘Transform Tranby’ project will not only help us to create a more welcoming space for people experiencing homelessness, you will be walking alongside them on the
journey towards a place they can call home.

Transform Tranby Resources and Downloads

Check out some of the useful resources below that will help you and your community to help Transform Tranby and Transform Lives!

The portrait photographs used in our Transform Tranby project were made in collaboration with Jay Weinstein and his global ‘so I asked them to smile’ project at our Tranby Centre.

UnitingCare West aims to make a positive difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in Perth. This collaboration recognises people’s similarities over their differences, highlighting the humanity we all share. For more than 10 years Tranby Centre has been a safe and supportive space for those most vulnerable in our community.

Thunderclap to Transform Tranby!!!

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But we need to do more and with your help we can.

As a committed member of the WA Alliance to End Homelessness, UCW is working alongside community sector partners to implement a 10 year strategy to end homelessness 2028. Not just to reduce, but to end it.